Training Plan

“A man with a plan, can!” – My uncle

So I haven’t posted in a while, and that’s because I have been traveling around europe, training with some very inspirational dudes and dudettes and, well.. living life!

Since I have been back from Cologne, I have been accumulating my knowledge and reading materials in an attempt to write myself a TRAINING PLAN. I have SMART GOALS set, and I’m really looking forward to reach them.

The reading/learning I have been doing (of which I would recommend) is as follows:

  • Born to Run & Natural Born Heros by Christopher McDougall,
  • A guide to Better Movement by Todd Hargrove,
  • Overcoming Gravity by Stephen Low
  • Move your DNA by Katy Bowman
  • Ido Portal Method,
  • Dr. Andreo Spina,
  • MovNat,
  • The First 30 Minutes by Gretchen Reynolds
  • The sports gene by David Epstein


However, after putting the initial building blocks of my plan into place, I had a realisation…

When I PLAY & ENJOY my training (and life in general) I PERFORM better, FEEL better and generally DO better! Which begged the question; why am I even bothering with a structured plan? Why can I not just play?

Now I understand how irrational and erratic that must sound to most people, I mean how will I track my progress, make my gains and keep motivation?!!

Well, for me it seems to be pretty simple. (and I LOVE simple!)

If humans have been around for millions of years, and evolved to become what we are today, with no such thing as a plan or structured ‘workout’, then why do we bother? I understand we have ‘commitments’ and ‘lives outside of training’ and of course this plays a big part in peoples ‘free time’, which effectively determines motivation. I guess the general population would choose the X-factor and a cup of tea after a days work, than putting in effort and use energy.

But what is ‘Free time’? To me, i’d like to ACTUALLY be FREE.. Run, Jump, Invert, Climb a tree, wrestle with a buddy, live, laugh, make love! But if we are too happy to be sedentary for 95% of each day, everyday, and then (some) spend the rest of their time continually following plans, routines and robotic cycles… hhmmmmmmm.


This is why I have decided to abolish my plan, and work towards my goals in whichever way I feel like, on any given day I feel like. I have fully taken on the information, research and advice of both the German Sports University and my personal reading/research in the above books and methods. This is simply my opinion having learnt, reflected and  reasoned with the information I have taken on thus far.

With this being said, I still have my goals. I will still dip into certain training styles. I will still learn, and ultimately I will forever make my body adapt and progress. I want to be able to understand my body, learn what make it feel good and bad, learn and progress.


To put this ‘radical thinking’ into context..

I have a goal of a One Arm Pull Up, on both arms, by the end of the year. This is a maximal strength movement, which has many prerequisites and progressions to hit before hand. For this reason, it will put immense strain on my CNS. My CNS will also be effected by other goals, stress levels, diet and general sleeping patterns. Therefore I will move through the progressions and prerequisites, along side my play and learning time, when my body feels like it.

I have made myself accountable by setting these goals. I have found my intrinsic motivation. Now I simply have to go and enjoy my play, learn from my movements, adapt based on my learning and progress. 🙂


Feel free to comment with thoughts, feelings, advice and general words of wisdom. I am forever learning. Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Training Plan

  1. Good read! I just started following you on instagram. I’m excited to see your progression. I’ve become bpred over the years with traditional weight room exercises (although much of my workouts still take place in a weight room), which is why I started climbing and doing balance oriented movements. I’d love to be able to do a handstand though, and right now the idea of it seems so far away. I’m gonna read on!
    @harlessjones on Insta


    1. Hey man! Thank you so much for the kind words! I’ll follow you back now to keep track of your progress.

      I would suggest to Keep working on your active wrist dorsi flexion and work on loading your wrist before hitting handstands hard 🙃



  2. I really understand you man, so great to read and come across you today on instagram 🙏🏼 Thankyou.

    I will continue to read your journey and maybe one day do handstand together. You are very inspirational man


  3. I love it.
    Im thinking about bascily the same since some time now. I gotna trainers licence here in germany, read some books, have about 3 years of structured training behind me and i feel burnt out and limited by this rigid approach.
    I feel like, settting a goal like you just mentioned, makes moving so much more fun and joy. Instead of coutning every rep and trying to hit 100kgs on the bench.
    This is probably another Topic but for me its like training for Aesthetics only, lacks a lot of things.
    Thx for sharing your thoughts mate.
    Cheers, Nils


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