“I’m going to show you how great I am!” – Muhammad Ali

We are often told to find a purpose, follow it & you will be forever happy. Granted, a lovely idea in which each individual will do well in doing so. 

However, how do you know if you have purpose!? Are you happy? You have money? You have impact.. 


To me, there seems to be a precursor. A step that meets the future purpose with the now: Pride


To make yourself proud, not just others. Think intrinsically. 


To act daily with a level of conscious awareness that makes you proud of your daily endeavours, will in turn breed purpose. Work on things like sincerity, honesty, emotional intelligence, consistency, energy. The traits that breed interpersonal connection. Real connection. 


Don’t waste your time cultivating a persona on social media, if the real deal is a shallow, bipolar mess that can’t understand their own emotion. Start small. Observe yourself daily. 


Who do you aspire to be like?  Why? 


Take pride in the details. Whether that be in each meeting with someone new or old. How you view yourself. What you are grateful for.. Whether that be in your daily life, physical practice or mental work. Do you even have a practice? How do you think you will grow as an individual?

Are you sure? 


Hold your values true. Loosely, but true. Endeavour to show yourself how great you are.  Take pride in you. You are life. You are the purpose. 


Seek adventures with beautiful souls and inspiring scenes. Move more deliberately. Move with intent. Move with quality. Move because you enjoy to move. Grow. What are you working on? 



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