As always, these are as much of a diary of thoughts or notes to self, as they are anything else. This journey of life is a winding river. I understand I don’t provide too many facts, figures or quantifiable things in this blog regularly. Right now I’m a boy growing into a man. In the process of growing. Learning. Maybe one day down the road, I’ll have something else. Until then, I’ll continue to think, reflect and learn. 

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Viktor E Frankl

There is an argument that a mind full of ‘stuff’ will hinder an individual. Granted, too much of anything can kill, something I am considering each day. Having a mind rammed full of uncontrollable aspects of life is never a good idea. However, in this context I see a mind full as of the utmost importance.

Longevity. Cultivating a practice. The journey of life.

If you are not mindful of the details, how does a practice become lifelong?

Not only with regard to the physical realm, injuries and what not, but also the mental aspect. Motivation, enjoyment..

When I practice, I have a mind FULL of details. Full of nuances and specifics. The small things. I am continually searching for that thing. That thing that will make this movement clear, help me feel and ingrain it. The thing that will help me learn. To move on. To not become stale.

I have found that progress does not come from the reps and sets, but the reflection and analytical mind that plays them through, over and over. Observing and refining, as Clara so found.. (Read: ‘The Talent Code – Dan Coyle’)

Of course, put in the effort, the time, the skin. But FUCK, don’t do it for the sake of it. Bathe in it. Shinzen Young speaks of the ability to experience things as if it were being poured with oil. (Read: ‘The Science of Enlightenment’ – Shinzen Young)


Drop the ego. Efficiency over extrinsic glory.. Longevity comes not from throwing more weight on the bar, but first by refining the current. The journey has no destination.

Build the base first, only then can you stand upon it.

Take control. Work out how to learn. Visualise. Feel. Seek your fears. Reflect. React. Find someone to learn from. Share with others. Play. Adventure. If everyone is simply guessing in this life, go find out for yourself.

If you have read this far, I have a question that needs more time to understand. Identity breeds motivation. Who I think I am makes me who I am?

What do you think?

To read more on this topic, here is an interesting article on Alex Honnald.



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