Femoral Acetabular Impingement.

Femoral Acetabular Impingement – 31.05.16

The last few months have been frustrating with regard to my training. Before coming to study in Germany I was an avid Crossfitter as well as regularly dabbling with playing American Football. (I’ll be the first to admit I was the most clueless Quarterback) However whilst in Germany I had neither the funds nor desire to pursue either of these interests, which drew me further afield to other sports, namely Climbing and Gymnastics.

I will presumably talk of my current views on training in many other blog posts, so for now I will skip over how the new sports have impacted my life, and concentrate on FAI..

February 2016 was a strange month of frustrating pain in my left hip. I was used to having hip flexor problems whilst playing AF, especially with the rapid nature of changing direction and brutal contact. However I was sure this was not a muscular pain, and began researching possible causes.

I looked at things such as Posterior/Anterior tilt of my Pelvis, lateral tilt of my Pelvis, weak Glutes, past Injuries (Right Ankle & Left Knee in the last 2 years) and many others. I had also seen a few articles and videos explaining FAI, but I took no notice seeing I have great mobility and flexibility in my lower limbs. (See flexion in my squat below, with no pain)



Months went by, and after a climbing trip in Spain I returned to Germany in all kinds of trouble, even pain whilst walking. My hip was constantly ‘popping’ and ‘crunching’ whilst I climbed, and I had this deep ache whilst doing the most basic of tasks. So I decided to head to the Osteopath, who in turn handed me over for an MRI scan.

It has now been 3 weeks since being diagnosed with FAI.

At first I wasn’t sure how to feel, I had read the horror stories of guys and girls having to have replacement hips and major operations. The thought of never being able to move the same, as efficiently, as strong again, was unbearable. Moving is as important (in my opinion) as food and water.

I was driven to prove this injury was not needed to be operated on. My view is that if in fact the abnormality on my Femur is genetic, then why would an operation to alter the natural form of the bone help? I believe the pain to be a by product of my current muscular imbalances, tendencies caused by my training with injuries and major changes of sport & lifestyle.

I understand I have had two pretty big impact injuries in my recent history, not to mention the high volume of training in Crossfit. I feel like my muscular imbalances, tendencies and other abnormalities have been created by myself and no-body else, and therefore I have the ability to understand them and correct them.

Therefore I will be putting my findings, helpful tips and exercises in future blog posts to help anyone else who is also struggling with the conflict of FAI and sports, fitness & just general movement.



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