Why being vegan sucks…

Why being vegan sucks… – May 26th 2016

So I have now been vegan for 6 months, and I thought it would be a nice idea to give my honest opinion and findings thus far. Please be aware that we are all unique, and nature intended it this way. Your digestive system last Thursday may have been more able to digest 4 Bananas, whereas mine may have been more able to digest a couple of mangoes. Now think of that and think of over 7 billion people, and how many combinations, differences, unique abilities there is. Amazing.

My point is, these thoughts are my own, based on my own body, reacting to my own food intake and my own physical activities. Use this as a guide as to what you MAY experience in some periods as a vegan; but remember everything changes, food you eat on your travels, as well as your bodies energy consumption will differ to your ‘normal day’. Change is great. Learn to love it.

Ok, so now onto my findings, proving why veganism SUCKS…

Firstly I would like to say my journey was made easier with the help of my best buddy, who has been vegan for over 4 years. If you are able to start this journey with someone else, I would recommend it!


So after the first 2 months I was struggling. I had very regular boul movements multiple times per day, horrible farts and I had lost 3kg of body weight. I got pretty sick over Christmas and highly debated the reasons behind this big change. This is why veganism sucks…

Just kidding. Once I actually tracked my food intake and looked at my basic calorie intake before and after the change, I realised ON AVERAGE I was consuming 600 calories less, per day, being vegan! So basically all of the steaks, burgers, sausages, bacon (Cows, Pigs, Chickens) I was now not consuming, I hadn’t bothered to replace the calories, I now just had the same plate of food, minus the slab of meat.

Once I was into my third and fourth months, everything started to become a whole lot easier. I really started to understand my body, what makes it feel good, and what not to eat so much of (for me 20 dates in the morning or melon in a smoothie did not make me feel good). Maybe this didn’t suck after all…

Into the fifth month and I started to understand the style of foods I was enjoying to eat. If I felt like I had pushed myself too much physically, I was able to understand and listen to my body, before I made myself ill. There are couple of huge positives coming from the vegan diet:

1: Sociable food. Due to the nature of the food, the bet thing to do is either put it into a big bowl, or on a huge plate if it’s more solid, and SHARE! It’s a great phenomenon. It means you can actually interact with the people around you, share your thoughts, feelings and generally enjoy the current moment.



2: Food shopping is so easy. Now I have chosen to NOT eat 90% of most shops’ items (Meat, eggs, cheese, sweets, chocolate etc) going to find things in just 10% of the shop is easy. Another great positive to this is that It directly helps with understanding what you are eating and what makes you feel good. For example: You eat a snickers bar, some crisps and a block of cheese; as opposed to eating a couple of bananas, a melon and some beans. Think about how many different ingredients in the first three foods, as opposed to the second… Which do you think would make you feel best?

3: NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS DIET… I don’t think much more needs to be said here.


4: Finally on to something a little personal. I guess most teenage and even young adults have to deal with. Acne, spots, generally ‘Bad skin’! The first picture below was taken before I had even contemplated the vegan diet. The next three are taken after 2, 3 and 4 months into the diet respectively. Obviously  this had a huge effect on my personal life, but I won’t talk about that. After 6 months I can safely say I don’t have one spot… Just a few marks that will fade eventually!


I guess veganism doesn’t suck after all!!

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