I still feel like I am finding myself, creating my own journey through life. Something I am learning is that nothing has an end, and if it does you shouldn’t necessarily dwell on it. How will you ever learn if you simply think about an end goal or product? Being here, in this very moment, that is all that is guaranteed, it is the only thing that is ‘real’. How can you learn if you do not endure the journey.. to learn we must be IN the journey.

If you treat life like it has a definitive end, then the likely hood of going from childhood, teenager, young adult, adult and then ‘OAP’, without realising how much time you have wasted is pretty high. If you concentrate simply on the ending, everything will pass you by. Too many times have I heard older friends and family say things such as ‘where has the time gone..’

Of course I am not stating that we should all just do, do, do with no end result. If we take goal setting as an example; then you need a S.M.A.R.T.E.R (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time constrained, Evaluated, Reward) goal. This is something I have been working on for myself. At the beginning of the year, I managed to figure out some goals for myself in the new year, however I also realised they were not ‘S.M.A.R.T.E.R’, so decided to self evaluate them. This is a great way a taking a step back, looking at what you think you want, and improving.


I am aiming to be Average Wil. To be the best version of myself, I believe I need to be a hybrid athlete; to move, live, laugh. I am not the biggest, fastest, strongest. I do not want to specify myself in any one area; Ido Portal once said, ‘I am not great at anything, yet I am good at everything’.  Through physical and mental understanding of my self and my body, including my vegan nutrition, I believe I can continue to make myself better.

Not everything can be a competition.. It has taken me over 22 years to realise this, and if i’m honest with myself, i’m still learning. I feel like being competitive has so many advantages, yet so many disadvantages. Competition causes me to push myself harder than normal, adrenalin starts pumping and possible new opportunities are created. However competition also has a negative side, such as heightened risk of injury, harming friendships and most importantly (possibly) the inability to learn from a process. If I cannot allow myself to learn from a process, listen to my body and work for what’s best for ME, then how will I ever make any progress?


But what IS progress?

How can you determine something with no idea of an end result?

If the world is rising in levels of obesity, Illness, disease and terror; are these signals that we as humans have made progress?

If so what are we here for?

If the sun and fresh air is good for us, why do we never experience it. I mean yes we go on ‘summer holidays’ or we may go for a run every now and again.. but is that really what we are designed to do.. Or do you believe (like a large amount of people these days) that we are supposed to spend hours on end sitting, staring at a box full of electricity?

Nature is key to our mental and physical well-being.

Life is a journey. Everything is awesome. Bring it on!


One thought on “AVERAGE WIL.

  1. Hey Wil, I just love your blog 🙂

    Thank you for being such a big inspiration! You’re really motivating me to “be my best me” (if one can say that – i’m german ☺ ) and always try to be happy in the moment and inspire others in the world to do and be the same ❤

    Have a great time & enjoy the adventure in australia! 🌏
    I really hope to meet you again sometime in the future!

    Peace & Love ☺


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