Design the best you.


Week 11a – Design the best you. (16-22nd December)

My parents have always been fascinated with programs on the TV that show people buying some land and building their dream home. Often spending way too much money, too much time and have negative effects on personal relationships due to the demands of the ‘dream projects’ – So why is it that people feel that this is so great? I believe the motivation comes from a couple of factors – The end result and lifestyle; making friends and family proud and impressed; and the constructive ownership of your life moving forward.

I believe this follows a similar model with fitness and health. The human body is a wonderful thing, created to move, be free and to live. Most people lose this throughout their life, due to internal and external factors mostly in their immediate control. I think people begin the path to getting ‘fit’ and ‘strong’ based mainly off of the fitness industries image. However, without the correct knowledge and understanding, people tend to miss the purpose of the human body, and simply reverse engineer it into an aesthetic, isolated combination and muscle and bone.

Training a healthy and fit body creates an end result of freedom and a lifestyle that can actually contain freedom and be lived. Friends, family and complete strangers will be impressed by your ability to move, crawl, roll and run throughout your life. You gain constructive ownership of the body and its patterns, moves and strengths that you design. The body you design should be aware, protected from injury, free, healthy, natural, pain free and reactive.

Avoid the aesthetic, reverse engineered bodies of the fitness injury. Your body adapts to the stresses you put upon it. Isolating and contracting specific areas is great if you want to be ‘swole’, but then your big, inflated muscles adapt to work in isolation. Dynamic, compound movements, combined with strength, stability and movement patterns creates bodies that have the ability to be USED, not just to LOOK at.

True health is lifelong happiness, freedom and movement. Design the best you.

Bring it on!



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