Week 10a – Purpose. (9-15th December 2015)

University is a pretty tough time of mental turmoil in most student’s lives. There are so many new experiences, new people and of course lots of work. How do you know your next move? What does the future hold? What is my purpose in life? Do I even have a purpose? Is money important? What makes me happy? All questions I have asked myself, and probably others the same!

I guess this is all up for question; nobody has the same interests, and what might make one person cry may in fact make another person more motivated. For me I am currently going through this whole dilemma, continually questioning my decisions with respect to my future.

In reality however, does it really matter?  I mean if I’m happy in this moment, then how could that be negative? I believe that if I embrace change, relish challenges and make choices that make myself and others close to me happy, then everything will be ok.

I have been reading and watching videos about people called ‘Digital Nomads’ who basically decide to create their own business or go freelance and work from remote destinations, traveling the world. I bet working from a beautiful location such as Bali, Prague or even the French Alps would definitely increase a workers’ motivation to work hard to be able to continue living in the nomadic lifestyle.

Something to research some more, and find my own way to happiness. The week ended with a great Christmas party, organised by the international office here at the Spoho. A great night filled with laughs, and a free bar! Good end to a crappy week; I can’t wait to sweat out this cold/hangover and rehab my ankle!

Movement, fitness and nutrition are continually in my head, so this must be a link in the chain to being happy. A week of illness got me thinking… a lot. Bring on week 11!






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