Life cycles.

Week 9 – Life cycles. (2-8th December 2015)

Life has a funny way of bringing you back down to earth. Just when it seems that things couldn’t be better, and everything is easy; you get thrown into a challenge that you must overcome.

I picked up an annoying ankle injury this week. I feel like with all of the sports available here, I have been ‘spreading myself too thin’ and therefore eventually over training. I believe this ankle injury is my body telling me to slow down before I get a more serious injury. It is such a frustrating position to be in; I love to work out and do any sport that’s on offer – I guess this is just a cycle of training, and if you don’t respect your body, then how can we progress and improve.

I always try to find the bright side of things, and this ankle injury has a couple. Firstly it gives me time to rethink my training regime, and be more specific to meet my goals. Secondly the resident doctor here at the Spoho has offered me the opportunity to partake in a medical study – with a monetary reward – which is aiming to make an illegal substance legal in Europe. I guess getting paid to be inactive for a couple of weeks isn’t such a bad thing after all..

I’m still also trying out the vegan eating thing; which is so interesting. I had results back from my nutrition record. The comparison was very interesting between vegan and my normal diet (which in all honesty I thought was pretty good, before meeting David). The comparison of macro percentages in the two diets showed a huge difference in fat consumption; with the vegan diet – to my surprise – being higher. I think this is down to the amount of nuts and avocado I consumed during the record. Furthermore the difference in calorie intake was significantly lower during the vegan diet, indicating either I had less training volume that day, or the amount of raw fruit and veg simply filed me up better.  After the experiment was over however I momentarily reverted back to a complete carnivore; this weekend we visited a really cool food festival set in an old work yard, surrounded by disused crates and train tracks.

The next step I guess is to dive deeper into some research and case studies, and really understand why and what different foods are for. I feel that if I can understand this better, I will be able to have a clearer idea of why different foods effect me in different ways. After all I am quickly learning that there is no one diet that is good for a mass population. I guess that goes for most things in life – there is no uniform method, system or even relationship that works the same – which is good because life would get pretty tedious if everything was easy and the same!

A week full of learning, I am especially feeling more comfortable conversing in German! Bring on week 10!


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