Week 8 – Motivation. (25-1st December 2015)

This week I was back in Cologne, and I’m starting to really enjoy my Sports Psychology seminar. I have a great lecturer (who is actually English) and he has a great method of engaging the whole class, getting us involved and making even the dullest case studies seem interesting.

The last few lessons we have covered the research and thinking behind motivation; something I had never had a second thought about previously. I, like most, thought it was simply a genetic trait you were born with or without.

However after a few very involved discussions in the seminar looking through various case studies, we found that actually there is no ‘black or white’ when it comes to motivation. Yes you could be born more susceptible to motivation, and have an innate inclination to want to exercise; but most of the motivation can stem from your environment, and the people that have an effect on your life.

For example a good coach will seek to increase your intrinsic motivation; avoiding things that detract from this, such as monetary success. Just like our Psychology lecturer, Matt, who does a fantastic job and keeping the whole class active, our energy levels up and therefore keeping us motivated.

This is the same for emotional intelligence – something very interesting, as it determines (at least in my mind) how well a person can adapt to situations involving groups of people. Recent studies have shown that emotional intelligence – unlike motivation – is something we learn from our immediate environment in our first year of life.

At first I didn’t see this seminar as something that would aid my design practices, or even my life in general; but when I think about my future, and my aims, being able to keep the people around me motivated, to be emotionally sensitive and be able to keep my energy levels up, this in turn will aid everything I ever wish to challenge myself with in life.

Keeping my motivation to keep practising my sketching here in Germany is difficult with all the distractions and new opportunities here. I have been trying to keep ticking over with small thumbnail sketches in quieter periods in lectures, and the odd larger sketch if I get some free time.

I am becoming more and more interested in how our genes effect our personalities, and with the new knowledge about emotional intelligence as opposed to motivation, it is an extremely interesting topic. Bring on week 9!



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