People are people.

Week 3 – People are People (21-27th October 2015)

First week of Lectures. My timetable is now set in stone and I managed to gain access into every course I wished to partake! Introductions are always fun, as you will find out if you too become an Erasmus student. People never cease to amaze me, and the more I meet the more I am suprised by what people have achieved. The Spoho is said to be the best sports school in Europe; I am part of an elite group of students here, for example I am friends with a great guy called Jonny, who played professional football for 7 years back home in Argentina!

My birthday was this week. I was pretty apprehensive as friendships are still being formed, and I have always been pretty rubbish at organising social events. I mean who would want to come and celebrate with me after knowing me for a matter of days?

I was so wrong and felt completely blown away by the love and happiness shown to me by people I had only met a handful of times. Loving gifts, pizza and wine, singing; all efforts above and beyond what I could expect from even my closest friends back home. For example there is a beautiful girl who I affectionately call a donut from time to time (due to her occasional ‘blondness’) so she decided to surprise me on the morning of my birthday with a donut for breakfast. The sun was shining, I had gymnastics class at 12pm, and Sophia started my day off perfectly; and it continued with love and smiles.

In the evening two of my closest friends came over to the shared kitchen in Dorm D, and hand-made wonderful vegan pizzas, which were matched with some tasty red wine. I am a huge meat eater, constantly looking for the best possible ‘Gainz’ back home; yet here I am surrounded by all kinds of athletes who require different body types for their respective sports. This brings with it (alongside the array of nationalities) a wide variety of diets. My room-mate, and best buddy so far, happens to be a climber and an avid vegan. When offered something other than vegan, he likes to respond with ‘’I LIKE this, but I do not WANT this’’. A nice sentiment, which is weirdly rubbing off onto me.

All my German lecturers are more than willing to help. In fact all, not just my personal lecturers, but also all staff have been awesome! I am regularly getting lost, running late or hungry, so I encounter many different staff members. I have tried to be inquisitive of all German words and their meaning; if I hear somebody say a word I don’t understand, I ask what it means; and in each circumstance I have been met with warm and willing help. (and lots of laughter at my awful German pronunciation)

This week was my first taste of what the future months of study here in Cologne will be like, and so far, I love it. I am looking forward to the challenge of the language, of the subjects I am studying and of all the friendships I am yet to create. Bring on week 4!



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