Passing time.

Week 4 – Passing time. (28-3rd November 2015)

Second full week of lectures are now over, and the real work has started. I am loving all aspects of the courses; the physical courses, such as Gymnastics, are taught in German, sounds like a nightmare considering my lack of German understanding, but I’m feeling more and more confident, and If I’m confused my fellow students are more than willing to lend a helping hand. I am building much stronger friendships through common struggles, all the Erasmus students are in the same boat, so we can always share our experiences or lend a helping hand to one of our fellow students.

My Granddad passed away this week. It didn’t quite hit me at first. It was incredibly surreal, being away from my family. It felt like it wasn’t real, like I would go home and Christmas and he would be there, smiling. – ‘Hello Son!’ I can hear him say. I guess he is in a better place now.

David, my room-mate has an amazing view of life. His love of animals and nature has given him a very simplistic and ‘happy go lucky’ view on life. After 4 weeks of spending everyday with him, not once has he been anything but happy, and easy going.

”That is life. When one life ends, another begins. You have to live, love and enjoy this moment; because that is all we can guarantee.” David proclaimed when I told him of my Granddads passing.

Of course I travelled home for the funeral – which I certainly was not prepared for. Being here in cologne, with my new life, I felt like I was in my own bubble. I realised when I was home, that in fact I had become so comfortable, so quickly here in Cologne, that I felt like Cologne was now my home.

I will never forget my Granddad, he was such a big part of my childhood, and who I am today. He was such a loving gentleman, with a passionate love of sport and competition. He taught me so much.

A week in my life I will never forget, and one where I have learned some valuable life lessons. Still thoroughly enjoying my time here, bring on week 5!


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