Week 6 – Nutrition (11-17th November 2015)

Time is passing by at an alarming rate. 6 weeks here feels like 6 days. I am feeling more and more at home in all of my lectures, both physical and practical, I have taken a real interest in my Sports Nutrition class, something I have never even thought of studying before my arrival here.

I have quickly become aware of the burden I put on my parents back home, in search of my ultimate ‘Gainz’. I am buying food I would have never even thought of; money is coming out my ears! However I am really enjoying cooking, learning new skills and testing new combinations.

Living and spending so much time with a dedicated vegan, its hard not to try some of the food! To be honest, its pretty tasty! The photographs attached are pictures of such tasty vegan options. The more time I am here, the more I am warming to the idea of eating vegan. Normally I am complete meat eater, trying to get as much protein as possible at breakfast, lunch and dinner; so this will be interesting to see how my body deals with such a drastic change.

We had a lecture on nutrition for athletes, and how to test their current diets. So I decided to do the same for myself, by keeping a diary of every single thing I consumed this week. I tried to concentrate on the labels to get specific weights of food, so I can get an idea of nutrient content over the period. I am interested to see the result. (Maybe I will even be able to address my ever increasing food bill too!)

In some of my classes I am the only international student, which at first was a strange feeling. The German students obviously had settled in and had friends in every class they attended. As time passed I now feel the same; I look forward to every class I take attend. I feel like my friendships with German students has grown this week as I have put a large emphasis on using my limited German language. (Being poor at the language can be an advantage, as the German students enjoy and appreciate my lack of correct pronunciation) This small effort has broken all previous barriers, and opened up many more friendships.

Having settled in, it’s time to start using my free time at weekends to explore some of Germany, and its surrounding countries. Next week I have signed up for a short course called ‘The International Management Game’ where we will travel to Groningen, Holland, and study alongside students from 5 universities from around the world.

While in Holland, it would be rude not to take a look at Amsterdam. Bring on week 7!





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