Life is easy.

Week 5 – Life is easy. (4-10th November 2015)

With my new found outlook on life, I feel far less uncertain about life and my future. Who knows what my future will bring, I can only enjoy what I am doing today, and the adventures I am having and look forward to the changes and challenges ahead.

I watched an interesting TED talk on YouTube this week, spoken by a guy from Thailand. ‘Life is easy’ he said. He grew up on a small farm, with little money. He travelled to Bangkok to earn money and fame, yet spent 8 years working long hours, with little enjoyment. So he decided to move back to his small farm in Thailand, and provided food for his family, and with the surplus food he grew on the farm, he made a small income. He did not yearn to earn money, he was simply happy.

It got me thinking, and I realised how lucky I am to have this opportunity. To travel so easily from country to country, to meet fantastic new friends, to view scenes and embrace feelings of excitement that I would never feel if I had stayed at home. It has been great this week sharing stories of places we have visited and there are still many, many beautiful places I am yet to see.

This week was Carneval. A crazy festival here in Cologne, where the whole city shuts down, and people dress in weird and wonderful costumes, head into the town centre and celebrate. I had a fantastic day, it was like sightseeing, but not at the buildings, but at the thousands of people flooding the streets with colour and laughter. It was a crazy day of drinking, partying and laughter. I can only relate it to street parties for the Queen’s jubilee, I had never seen anything like it! 3 hours of weightlifting class the following morning was interesting to say the least!

Another week down and I am learning so much. I have already had two presentations, and a fair bit of literature to read from my physical classes. It is very interesting to see how the student are taught here; I was wondering how physicals would be, and it is so interesting to learn things like centre of mass and turning moments in gymnastics. Bring on week 6!



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